Why join 3Commas team
Since the company was established as a start-up 5 years ago, we have reached the status of world famous crypto-trading terminal and platform. We have 130 000 unique users per month all over the world, and monthly trading value is over $22,500,000,000.
For last year, we have opened new products and features, started the establishing of a new design system. Keeping do so, in our plans to add more deep UX-expertise & product researches to discovery and delivery phases. Now we transform our product vision and design processes.
In our company, product designers decides about and have influence on the final product concepts. We do not hire designers who blindly say “OK, I will move the button from here to there” insteed of “Tell me what the problem or what the goal is so I find the solution”. You will work in a product team not as an operating designer. You will work closecly with PO, determining the future of your product, working together over product development processes.

Besides the real experience in all product design stages, in our vision we refers to a Lead-grade also as a design manager role.

Key goals for such position:

  • Design System implementation
  • Short-term and long-term time planning for you and your design team
  • Independed vision and roadmap plans for design processes and design team development
  • UX-tests and discovery phases implementation into product design processes
  • Full responsibility of how effective your team is and how good your products are
  • Real mentoring experience prooved by the successfull career of your wards
  • And all that stuff from product designer role

What we offer:

  • Optionally work from the office in Tallinn or remotely
  • Inspiring leadership and knowledgeable, creative, genuinely kind colleagues
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid annual leave, paid sick leave
  • Competitive salary offers based on your skills
  • In-house lessons for your crypto-trading skills
  • English courses to stay in touch with your colleagues