3Commas was founded in 2017 to build a reliable platform that can help us stabilize our earnings in crypto while taking away some of the emotions that might result in losses. Once the power of 3Commas was realized, we opened it to the world of crypto and the rest has been history.
We have three principles. Provide a simple intuitive interface for traders, develop sophisticated tools to simplify trading, and maintain a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent business.


  • 2+ years of experience in anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and compliance environment within a Crypto Exchange, ePayment or Fintech Company
  • Good knowledge of regulatory framework and industry practices within financial or virtual assets services providers
  • Strong Knowledge in Anti Money Laundering regulations, performing KYC/KYB procedures and monitoring digital and fiat transactions
  • Experience preparing regulatory reports to stakeholders and external regulatory bodies
  • Team player with solution-oriented way of thinking and high level of motivation
  • Excellent communication skills in both writing and speaking English


  • Ensure compliance with the regulatory framework put in place by local and international stakeholders
  • To manage and execute the monitoring and assessment program for Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF)
  • Implement procedures for Crypto and Fiat transactions monitoring
  • Conducting transaction monitoring reviews, investigations, and reporting suspicious activity related to money laundering and terrorist financing (SAR filings), including any anomalous activities
  • Communicate with FIU regulators and supervisory authorities
  • Improve and Maintain up to date AML/CFT policies and procedures as per legislation
  • Provide assistance in preparing for forthcoming regulatory changes or revisions to licensing structure
  • Organize AML reporting, risk assessment tools and client risk scoring
  • Monitor all AML related issues on a daily basis and escalate critical matters to management

What we offer:

  • Optionally work from the office in Tallinn, Cyprus, or remotely
  • Inspiring leadership and knowledgeable, creative, genuinely kind colleagues
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid annual leave, paid sick leave
  • Competitive salary offers based on your skills
  • In-house lessons for your crypto-trading skills