Who we are:

3Commas was founded in 2017 to build a reliable platform that can help us stabilize our earnings in crypto while taking away some of the emotion that might result in losses. Once the power of 3Commas was realized, we opened it to the world of crypto and the rest has been history. We have three principles. Provide a simple intuitive interface for traders, develop sophisticated tools to simplify trading, and maintain a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent business.


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience in hypothesis testing
  • Experience in building business processes
  • Ability to view the product not only from the perspective of the business, but also from the market and actual users perspective
  • Understanding of product metrics, the ability to correctly interpret their dynamics and draw the right conclusions
  • Experience in both the development of an existing product and the creation and launch of a brand new product
  • Excellent presentation skills, ability to effectively convey information to others using speech and graphics
  • High level of independence, flexibility and quick immersion, the ability to swiftly adapt in a VUCA world


  • Creation and development of product roadmap
  • Customer expectation management
  • Market, competitor and customer analysis
  • Control over the creation, launch and life of a product on the market (including collection and analysis of product metrics)
  • Formation, analysis and testing of hypotheses for product improvement (including the MVP format)
  • Transforming ideas into structured and understandable instructions for development
  • Communicating business values to the team
  • Formation and prioritization of the backlog with project managers, coordination of priorities with stakeholders
  • Collection of information from the actual users: conducting focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, beta-testing

As a Plus:

  • Experience as a Product Owner in a FinTech company (crypto exchanges and trading platforms)
  • Experience in foreign markets
  • Experience in creating and testing mockups using prototyping tools.

What we offer:

  • Optionally work from the office in Tallinn or remotely
  • Inspiring leadership and knowledgeable, creative, genuinely kind colleagues
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid annual leave, paid sick leave
  • Competitive salary offers based on your skills
  • In-house lessons for your crypto-trading skills
  • English courses to stay in touch with your colleagues

About 3Commas Team

We began 3Commas in 2017 after realizing that it was an arduous task to make money trading cryptocurrencies. Trading services were horribly inefficient and very time-consuming so we built a reliable platform that helps users make money with less personal involvement. Once we realized the power of 3Commas, we wanted to share it with other traders, and so our company was born.